The Tech Giant’s Future for The Next 50 Years

The year is 2023, and Google, Microsoft, and different influential AI firms are part of a world coalition of companies and democratic governments to declare AI a public good. Utilizing China’s AI strategy as motivation, lecturers making ready individuals for an automatic future are paid extra, and federal funding for AI initiatives grows so massive it relieves the Googles of the world from obsessing with AI advances with a purpose to meet shareholder calls for.

“We cease assuming that the G-MAFIA (Google, Apple, Fb, IBM, and Amazon) can serve its DC and Wall Avenue masters equally and that the free markets and our entrepreneurial spirit will produce the absolute best outcomes for AI and humanity,” creator Amy Webb writes.

Democratically elected governments all over the world start to give attention to AI for the great of all. On account of elevated worldwide cooperation, financial strain is positioned on governments that use AI for surveillance and enabling of authoritarian governments, finally forcing them to undertake transparency and openness in AI methods.

These are all situations thought-about in The Big Nine, an ebook out at present by Webb, a futurist and director of the Future Right this moment Institute at New York College’s Stern Faculty of Enterprise. She has spent years advising tech firms and governments about everybody’s greatest query: What occurs subsequent?

In The Massive Nine, Webb seeks to reply to this query for the following 50 years. She views the world by means of the effect of the titular massive nine: Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Fb, and Apple in America, and Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent in China.

Dwayne Bartlett
News Reporter