CES 2019: technology for babies becomes increasingly accurate and aims to help first-time parents

In the 2019 edition of the CES stands with gadgets for fatherhood always have a place. This year some interesting things could be seen, such as contraction trackers or a system that indicates the most fertile moment and even a quick exam kit to avoid so many visits to the pediatrician.

How does the latter work? With a camera that calls at the moment to a doctor available to remove the doubts of what is that cough or that rush in the skin.

Among prototypes and some that are already on the market, these are the ones that most caught the eye in Las Vegas.

Bloomlife, the contraction tracer
To know exactly what is happening when you have a certain pain, Bloomlife is a gadget that indicates if the baby really comes. It works with an app that monitors the heart rate and frequency, which gathers information with certain parameters.

The system is well thought out because it is not bought: it is rented for 20 dollars a week.

To calculate more or less close to the date of delivery and hire it.

Proov: digitized fertility
To help in cases of fertility problems, Dr. Amy Beckley created a startup dedicated entirely to facilitating this process with one goal: to reduce the costs of a treatment by at least half.

That’s why he recorded his hormone levels and came to detect that the problem was the lack of progesterone.

From his experience he continued to track ovulation and was successful.

The result was also Proov Test a package that works with various tests that give information and steps to follow to improve fertility. They are some bandits similar to the known pregnancy tests.

Tyto, to avoid going to the pediatrician so much
For parents who care a lot, however, it can be the right gadget: it works through telemedicine and “brings” the doctor home through a camera.

It works through a health prepayment and serves mainly to diagnose the most common symptoms and ailments: fever, cough, rushes, congestions and sore throats.

One of the most useful without doubts.

It is a camera that monitors the infant’s sleep. It is not an invention for anything new, but the novelty comes from the side of high quality night vision to be able to zoom and see exactly if there is something out of the ordinary.

The company sells it so that the baby can be controlled without having to get up constantly.

Smart Diaper: absolutely unnecessary
It is a really incomprehensible device: it warns when a baby’s diaper is dirty. Do we really need a device or an app that tells us this?

It does it through an app. How? “Poo detected!” Yes: it notifies with a notification that there is “detected fecal matter”.

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